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Pornchai Caine

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Pornchai Caine

Teacher of Business

Pornchai graduated from Plymouth University with an honors Degree in International Business Management and completed his PGCE at Sunderland University. His education, combined with 18 years of teaching experience in the UK, Thailand, and China, has established a strong foundation to ensure every student can attain their maximum potential. 

Recognizing the distinctive learning style and potential for accomplishment in each child, Pornchai's teaching philosophy centers on equipping students with not only knowledge but also life skills, curiosity, and an enduring ardor for learning. He has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of students and observing their metamorphosis into self-assured young adults.

During his leisure time, Pornchai enjoys quality moments with his family and engages in activities such as badminton, volleyball, or golf. He upholds the belief that a well-rounded life significantly contributes to effective teaching, and he consistently expresses enthusiasm for establishing connections with students beyond conventional academics, delving into their passions.