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Junior School

An emphasis on literacy and numeracy will begin to shape your child's learning as we challenge them to make more choices.
As they become more independent they will maintain and build upon their emotional and social skills, whilst their teacher continues to offer support and encouragement.


I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to parents, students, and visitors to our caring community. In my role as the Head of the Junior School, I take great pride in guiding and supporting our young learners as they embark on their exciting educational journey. Here at Repton, our primary focus is nurturing a passion for learning right from the earliest stages. Our committed educators in the Early Years employ a blend of innovative, play-based learning within a supportive environment, fostering both curiosity and self-assurance. Across the Junior School, we have created a secure and inclusive space where students can learn and explore as they progress.

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    Setting the foundation for our pupils to excel academically requires far more beyond offering and studying subject matters judiciously. At Repton International School, we believe in developing every individual’s mind and the ability to apply their critical thinking to any subject matter.

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  • Pupils in Junior School are encouraged to make the best use of the technology provided to them in order to develop their skills and become independent learners.

    At this stage of their educational journey, pupils will take on the following subjects;

    In Key Stages 1 & 2, our pupils have lessons in:

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    Phonics (KS1 only)
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    Physical Education
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    JS 8 .png
    JS 9 .png
    JS 10.png
    Bahasa Melayu
    JS 11.png
    (from Y6)
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    JS 6.png


  • We aim to personalise children's learning by incorporating their interests in where we can, and supporting them individually or in small groups where a little extra help is needed. We provide some formal English as an Additional Language lessons for pupils who are new to working in English, whilst also supporting them in class as they transfer those new language skills to the rest of the curriculum. Our holistic approach means that we have a good range of Extra Curricular Activities as well as focusing on developing our pupils' relationships, health, wellbeing and sense of community through our Citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education programme. We also have a period each week for building community spirit through House activities.
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  • Repton International School Malaysia Junior School follows the the English National Curriculum, whereby progress and achievements are benchmarked against these standards. The English National Curriculum is separated into two distinct sections -

    - Key Stage 1 (pupils from 5 - 7 years old) 
    - Key Stage 2 (pupils from 7 - 11 years old)


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    Early Years Foundation
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    Senior School
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    Sixth Form
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