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Mission, Values & Aims

Repton Schools across the globe pride themselves in creating outstanding citizens, based on our pursuit of academic excellence,
our ability to provide exceptional pastoral care and our capacity to ensure our pupils go out into the world not just ready, but Repton ready.
  • Pursuing Excellence In All We Do

    Repton International School holds in high esteem the Repton standards and traditions that have stood throughout centuries and remain relevant and valuable today.

    We seek to integrate the culture, energy and dynamism of Malaysia with the rich heritage derived from the centuries-old Repton School in the United Kingdom.

    Repton International School is a pioneer educational provider in Malaysia and a world-class institution of excellence. We are a school where our community is at the forefront of everything we do; where our pupils, staff and parents work collaboratively to develop well-rounded individuals who are confident, compassionate, courageous and curious - we shape and shift the leaders of tomorrow.
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  • Mission

    Our mission at Repton International School is to nurture character and inspire minds. Through a distinctly Reptonian education, we seek to develop every pupil holistically as a way to maximise their potential to succeed and thrive on a global scale.

    At Repton , we are focused on educating for the future. We provide a balanced environment with a forward-thinking curriculum that embodies the four core values at the heart of our school.

  • Values


    of the person in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavours.


    founded on a deep regard for common humanity.


    as a goal of a life-long process of learning.


    as an inspiration for all in every pursuit, both individual and collaborative.

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Instilling in our pupils the rigour, attitude and skills they'll need to thrive, not just survive, in today's volatile, complex world.

    A self-motivated, critical thinker who is emotionally resilient, physically robust, spiritually alive and happy.
    A culturally-attuned, socially conscious modern citizen who is politically informed, environmentally aware and technologically fluent.
    Able to forge ahead confidently, intellectually curious and internationally minded, seeking opportunity and finding achievement.