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Sixth Form

Throughout Sixth Form, our pupils will work towards obtaining their A-Levels, a pre-university programme based on the UK education system.
Short for 'Advanced Level', they are the most widely recognized pre-university qualification worldwide.

    Setting the foundation for our pupils to excel academically requires far more beyond offering and studying subject matters judiciously. At Repton International School, we believe in developing every individual’s mind and the ability to apply their critical thinking to any subject matter.

    Our holistic approach emphasises the development of integral skill sets, such as logical and critical thinking, strong analysing and deduction capabilities, creative problem solving and investigative skills, amongst others.

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  • Cambridge International AS & A Levels give pupils the opportunity to focus on their best and preferred subjects. They will explore subjects in more depth, be encouraged to develop their independent thinking, and apply their knowledge in practical and real life situations.

    The A Level course is taught over 2 years. During the first year, pupils work towards their AS Level exams which take place in May & June at the end of the academic year. This is essentially a ‘halfway point’ to the full A Level. At the end of the second year, pupils will take their A Level exams. Typically, pupils will choose 4 subjects to start with at A Level, and most will drop to 3 subjects after the AS Level exams. Most subjects will be assessed by a combination of examinations and coursework, with the weighting of each dependent on the subject.
  • Unlike IGCSEs, there are no core or required subjects at A Level. Pupils are encouraged to choose subjects that best suit their abilities and skills, support their future university and career ambitions, and give them a good combination of subjects offering progression onto a variety of opportunities. All A Level subjects at Repton are taught by specialist teachers.
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  • The current A Level subject offering at Repton is shown below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change depending on the demand of the cohort each year.

    Languages Sciences Humanities Creative/Practical Subjects
    Computer Science
    Further Maths
    Art and Design
    Design and Technology

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