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Hello International Students

At Repton International School, we also welcome International/ Foreign students. They will, however, be required to have either a valid STUDENT PASS or a valid PERMISSION TO STUDY endorsement while studying with us. This is a requirement by the Malaysian Immigration. Permanent Residents of Malaysia (PR) and Residence Pass Holders are exempted.

Guidelines for Student Pass Application

All International Student Visa and/or Guardian Pass applications can only be processed if they are accompanied by:

  • All necessary required documents listed in the International Student Application checklist form together with any other document(s) required by the Admissions Office of Repton International School.
  • The International Student Visa and/or Guardian Pass visa charges which is/are non-refundable.
  • If the applicant is currently studying at another international school in Malaysia, a copy of the passport page with the current student visa/pass is required. Applicants must cancel their current student visa/pass with their former school BEFORE they can apply for a new one. Student visa/ pass from a previous international school in Malaysia are NOT transferable. Failure to comply with this ruling will affect the student’s stay in Malaysia.
The student’s passport must be kept valid for the duration of the student’s stay and for travel purposes. Maintaining a valid passport and the appropriate visa for the student is the responsibility of Parents.

Repton International School will not accept the passports of students with an EXPIRED Social Visa, Special Pass, Dependent Pass, MM2H Visa or Student Pass from a previous school.

Repton International School will not be held responsible for parents or students who overstay in Malaysia, even though you may have registered with us. Students with expired visas will be advised to approach the Department of Immigration on their own accord to settle their overstay issues.

Student Pass/Visa

Students who do not have a Dependent Pass/MM2H/Resident Pass, but hold a Social Visit Pass, are required to apply for a Student Visa.

This is a two-step process.

(i) Repton International School will need to apply to the Ministry of Education (MoE), Malaysia for approval to enrol the student. The School needs to have a “Letter of Support” (Surat Sokong.) This process can take anywhere between two (2) to four (4) weeks and can be longer during peak periods.

(ii) With this approval, the student then proceeds to complete the  BPSIII application form to apply for a Student Pass/Visa. This process usually takes up to 7 working days but can be longer during peak periods.

No new visa application and/or renewal of visa can be made without the consent/ approval from the MoE by means of the Letter of Support/Surat Sokong.

The required documents for Student Visa applications are:
  • Parents’ Passports
  • Student’s Passport – for a timely new application/renewal, please ensure that (a) the current student visa has three (3) months validity (b) the current passport has at least 1 year validity and (c) there are sufficient pages for the new student visa endorsement.


Once Repton International School has submitted the application to the MOE for a Letter of Support for the Student Visa application, parents are not allowed to submit a similar application through another school as it will create confusion within the MoE and the Department of Immigration, Malaysia, which may result in a delay in the processing of your Student Visa application.

Our Admissions Office/Registrar will solely be in charge of this application process. We will, of course, notify and keep parents up to date throughout the process. Parents are encouraged to touch base with the School as well.

For visa renewal applications, please kindly inform the Admissions Office/Registrar four (4) months prior to the expiry date of the Student Visa. This is to facilitate the timely extension of your Student Visa application, thus avoiding delays in obtaining the necessary Student Visa endorsement.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Repton, whether to leave the host country or to transfer to another educational institution locally, please notify our Admissions Office/ Registrar ONE TERM in advance of your intention as you would with the Withdrawal Notification. Our Admissions Office/ Registrar is required by the Department of Immigration, Malaysia to then issue a Letter of Cancellation of the Student Visa for the Immigration Department’s necessary action.

It is important for you to be informed that the above course of action is necessary to prevent you from encountering any problem should you re-enter Malaysia at any time in the future. It is also equally important for you to be informed that a Student Visa granted for your child/ren to attend school in one local institution IS NOT TRANSFERABLE to another institution.

Guardian Pass

Certain family members of student pass holders are allowed to accompany students in Malaysia on a Long Term Social Pass (for the duration of 12 months or according to the duration of studies, whichever comes first.)

The types of family members include the following:
  • Parents of students, either 1 only – generally it’s for the Mother
  • Legally Court-Appointed Guardians
  • Parent or Legally Court-Appointed Guardian can apply for a Guardian Pass only AFTER their child/ren’s Student Visa application is approved.

Permission to Study Endorsement

The Permission to Study stamp is an endorsement stamped by the Immigration Department inside the student’s passport, allowing the student to study at Repton for a defined period of time (as per Dependent Pass validity date).

Dependent Passes are only issued by the Immigration Department to expatriate/foreign/international students who are under 18 years old, whose parent(s) hold an Employment Pass and are children under MM2H. These children are allowed to study without the need to apply for a Student Visa.

We will then issue Permission to Study letter addressed to the respective Immigration Department where the Dependent Pass was issued upon request to our Admissions Office/Registrar.

This application must be done via the Parent’s company or the parent themselves if on the MM2H programme.


  • Students who will have or already have a Dependent Pass
Children with Dependent Passes on their passports will not require an International Student Visa. These are typically the dependent children of expatriate parents (with a valid Employment Pass) working in Malaysia. These children will require a Permission to Study Endorsement in their passport.

  • Students who will have or already have a MM2H Programme Pass
Children who are riding on their parents MM2H Programme Passes on their passports will not require an International Student Visa. These are typically the dependent children of international families under the Malaysia My 2nd Home Programme. These children will require a Permission to Study Endorsement in their passport.

  • Students who will have or already have a Malaysia PR Status under the Malaysia Returning Expat Programme
Children who have PR Status stamps on their passports will not require an International Student Visa. These are typically the dependent children of Malaysian born parents who are back in Malaysia under the Malaysia Returning Expat Programme.

  • Students without Dependent, MM2H Passes & PR Status (usually those not residing in Malaysia)
Students without a dependent pass are required to apply for an International Student Visa and pass. For students under this category, Repton International School, Malaysia will be provide the required assistance needed for the student’s International Student Visa and/or Guardian Pass application through its Appointed Agent. This is covered under a separate service fee payable. Our Enrolment Advisors will advise regarding this process at the time of you accepting a placement of offer for your child to study with Repton International School, Malaysia.

Note: The information and clauses above are accurate as per current Malaysian Immigration rulings at the time of print.