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English as an Additional Language

EAL at Repton is designed to support students whose language is not currently at the standard required to access the school's curriculum.
  • EAL (English as an Additional Language)

    At Repton International School, we offer a tailored language programme designed to help English language learners access our wide-ranging curriculum.

    Students who are identified as requiring English language support complete a comprehensive assessment process, involving both one-on-one discussions with an English language specialist and an online assessment. Students are then allocated support that is designed to meet their level of need.

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  • Additional language provision may involve tailored one-on-one tutoring, in-class support, or additional English language classes. Students' progress is measured by a robust and internationally recognised assessment framework, and teachers employ the latest resources and pedagogy to ensure that Repton students receive excellent language instruction.

    At Repton, we are proud to offer high-quality language instruction delivered by a team of experienced experts.

  • We place emphasis upon developing students’ lexical and grammatical knowledge by creating an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment. We offer students multiple opportunities to produce language, whether that be spoken or written, whilst also providing practice tasks designed to develop accuracy. We are focused on supporting our students to acquire the language they require to not only perform exceptionally in our own school, but also to be able to undertake higher education in English-speaking institutions in the future.

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