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Our Facilities

Our campus has been thoughtfully built to encourage modern-day learning, develop sporting abilities and invigorate artistic talents.
It has been constructed so that it is a safe space for every pupil to acquire the knowledge, skills and values required of them.
Our full-facilities campus spans across 20 acres, purposefully built within a thriving forest area, 18km east of Johor Bahru.

Pupils at Repton International School will benefit from modern educational and recreational facilities, ranging from Olympic-sized swimming pools, tennis courts, Information and Technology, Science and Multimedia laboratories. Pupils can cultivate their creativity with tinker spaces and an eco-garden, allowing them to invent, explore and nurture specific interests.

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    IT Lab
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    Design & Technology Lab
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    Science Lab
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    Tennis Courts
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    Olympic-sized Swimming Pool
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    Music Room
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    Computer Room
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    Track Field
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    Dance Studio
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    Key Stage 1 Play Area
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    /qws/slot/u50446/About Us/Facilities/Swimming-Pool.jpg
    Key Stage 1 Swimming Pool
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    Sports Hall
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