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Our Facilities

Our campus has been thoughtfully built to encourage modern-day learning, develop sporting abilities and invigorate artistic talents.
It has been constructed so that it is a safe space for every pupil to acquire the knowledge, skills and values required of them.
Our full-facilities campus spans across 20 acres, purposefully built within a thriving forest area, 18km east of Johor Bahru.

Pupils at Repton International School in Malaysia will benefit from modern educational and recreational facilities, ranging from Olympic-sized swimming pools, tennis courts, Information and Technology, Science and Multimedia laboratories. Pupils can cultivate their creativity with tinker spaces and an ecogarden, allowing them to invent, explore and nurture specific interests.

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    IT Lab
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    Design & Technology Lab
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    Science Lab
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    Tennis Courts
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    Olympic-sized Swimming Pool
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    Music Room
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    Computer Room
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    Track Field
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    Dance Studio
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    Key Stage 1 Play Area
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    /qws/slot/u50446/About Us/Facilities/Swimming-Pool.jpg
    Key Stage 1 Swimming Pool
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    Sports Hall
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