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Head of Junior School

Katie Roebuck

Head of Junior School

Katie Dixon v3.png
I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to parents, students, and visitors to our caring community. In my role as the Head of the Junior School, I take great pride in guiding and supporting our young learners as they embark on their exciting educational journey.

Here at Repton, our primary focus is nurturing a passion for learning right from the earliest stages. Our committed educators in the Early Years employ a blend of innovative, play-based learning within a supportive environment, fostering both curiosity and self-assurance. Across the Junior School, we have created a secure and inclusive space where students can learn and explore as they progress.

We adopt a well-rounded approach that places strong emphasis on the personal development of each child. This approach encompasses not only academics but also includes the arts, sports, and essential life skills. Our classrooms are alive with creativity and collaborative projects, providing students with hands-on, challenging learning experiences.

If you would like to learn more about the dynamic programs, dedicated faculty, and engaging events at Repton, please explore our website. Whether you are a parent considering us for your child's education or a returning visitor, we aim to capture the true essence of our vibrant community.