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Nikolai Lugovoi

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Nikolai Lugovoi

Teacher of Art

Nikolai Viktorovich Lugovoi received a Master's degree with distinction in the arts from the National Academy of Design and Architecture as a teacher, researcher, and art producer. Before becoming a teacher, Nikolai acquired extensive practical experience in the arts, working as the head of an art gallery, head of an art investment department in a financial company, and serving as an art curator and artist. Since 2015, he has been working as an art and design teacher in Malaysia at the KS3-KS4 and A-Level.

In his work, Nikolai strives to instill students with a high level of academic drawing and painting skills while preserving each student's inner creative potential. In the past three years, Nikolai has made significant progress in the use of modern technologies in the visual arts and design, which is why he is now incorporating more XXI technologies into his lessons.

In his free time, Nikolai dedicates himself to his family and professional development.