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Blog Post #5

Unleashing the Power of Camp: Resilience Training for Education

by Katie Roebuck, Head of Junior School

School Camp.jpg

Today, I would like to discuss all things camp!

Camps are like the ultimate playground for learning. Forget the classroom routine; we're talking nature walks, climbing challenges, and real-life problem-solving. It's not just about acing exams; it's about facing life head-on, armed with the skills to work through things when they don’t go your way.  

Resilience is key - it is one of our Repton values for a reason! Those high ropes courses and team challenges? They're not just about winning; they're about teaching us to handle life's twists and turns because life is no straight path, and camps are where we learn to navigate the bumps and curves with style and overcome situations where we don’t win or have to try something more than once.

Camp is not only about team building and resilience, it’s also about relationship building. When you ask a child about their favourite memories from the year or what they want to write in their year book comment it is always trips and camps. This is the time they get to bond with their friends and classmates and it helps to encourage a whole community attitude where everyone wants each other to succeed.

It is also about mental health and well-being and being able to regulate emotions such as frustration, tiredness or missing home. Spending time in nature, whether that be hiking, building a shelter, spending time on the beach or simply a little chat with friends by the campfire. All of these moments in nature and with friends encourage children to relax and discuss how they are feeling; building memories and friendships that last for a long time!

So, when you are considering what a holistic education looks like and what you can do to support the growth of your child, not just academically but socially and emotionally too- encourage them to attend the trips, camps and ECA’s that push them (and sometimes you as parents) out of your comfort zone!