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Year 2A - Great Thinkers

Year 2A have been great thinkers and communicators. The children are now gaining confidence at sharing their ideas, giving constructive feedback and reflecting on their learning. Their inquisitive nature and enthusiasm is definitely an asset to the class. Here are some of the learning that has been taking place in 2A;

For Topic, our theme for this semester is Fire and Ice. We started off the topic by learning about the Great Fire of London. Inspired by Samuel Pepys diary entry on the Great Fire of London, we learnt how to write a diary of our own. We also got really creative with our painting skills and produced a lovely piece of art about the Great Fire of London.

For Maths, we have been busy learning about place value, addition and subtraction. We are now using the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Approach to learn our addition and subtraction.

In English, we have explored fairy tales, non chronological reports, as well as different aspects of grammar. We have also been learning about how to write an opening and an ending for a story. While learning about fairy tales, we had loads of fun with drama and hot seating!

Here are some photos where we are seen working collaboratively and independently while learning in class.

vanila1   vanila2   vanila3


vanila4   vanila5   vanila6