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Year 11 Students In-class And Distance Learning

Despite all the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions thrown at our school community, which have forced our Year 11 students to adapt and be flexible in both in-class and distance learning. Given that the government-led advisory for schools to remain shut to protect students from spread of coronavirus till further notice, the role of online education and learning apps has become critical and is seeing a sharp growth in acceptance and usage. However, IGCSE exams in May 2021 will go ahead. But that does not mean that our students have to prepare for their exams alone.

Here are few motivational tips to help the Year 11 students structure their workday and to study efficiently toward the IGCSE exams in May 2021

  1. Organise your workspace
    Try to keep whatever study space you have neat and tidy. This will help you stay calm and feel well organised and make it less likely that you will lose things. If you can, change your workspace to provide some variety but avoid trying to work when lying down on bed or slouched on your couch.

  2. Setting up goals
    Define your goals so that you can measure your progress and create a timetable to achieve these goals. If you have a goal in mind to achieve, then you can easily separate your study time to accomplish that.

  3. Watch for distractions and procrastination.
    Since most tasks are set online, it is so easy to have distractions open when working on computers. Take extra care to set firm boundaries around this - try disabling certain apps or setting timers, taking off email alerts, or setting time limits for self-care activities.

  4. Honestly attempting for the mock tests
    Mock Tests are important as they give clarity about the questions and bring confidence among the students. Practice as much as you can and try to improve your speed and efficiency through the mock tests. There are plenty of past papers available over the internet which will give you clarity about your preparations till now and the areas you need to focus on for improvement.

  5. Communicating with your teachers
    Communicating with your teachers is important during this time. It is highly advisable to keep in touch with the teachers so that the doubts can be cleared immediately without keeping it for later.

  6. Good health and exercise are elemental
    Nutritious food consumption is way better than fast snacking. It may not be as appealing and convenient as junk food but the energy and stability a body needs to go through strenuous study hours can only be provided by leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and milk products.

    Regular sleeping habit is also a must.

Repton students have already shown how resilient they can be this year. So, it is vital that students are compassionate to themselves, and each other, during this final chapter of their secondary schooling.