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Ways To Make Learning Meaningful And Interesting

"How can we learn through the amusing and understandable ways to make our learning meaningful and interesting?" " How can we smooth our learning journey in between up and down with a good balance?" These two questions are consistently considered while the Repton Non-Native Mandarin program was set. We learn and have fun through various class activities, we are also excited through reasonable learning targets which suit the grade level requirements. Our learners did a great job and overall had good progression last semester although the Year 2020 was not the smoothest and easiest one. That's why we deserve to be proud of ourselves! Please appreciate our well engagement through the photos and cheer for us! With your support, we will maintain our enthusiasm and keep improving, in the better and smoother Year 2021 !
Happy New Year, 新年快乐!

ps. The learners are required to put on the masks to participate the group activities. They are only allowed to take off the masks with proper social distancing in the classroom. All the instruments are well disinfected before using.