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Under The Circumstances

It has been a rough start for our secondary school students for P.E but they are taking it well and doing their best. Since we started the semester, we have been working on fitness by introducing different exercises, challenges and activities that focus on all aspects of fitness. We target different muscles in the body, flexibility, coordination, stamina and even body movement using objects. During the weeks we did not attend school, we continued our fitness activities online and even introduced them to step counting by using simple app technology in their phones. Because of the SOP, students are not allowed to participate in physical activities. We do not want them to lose their fitness they have gained, so we continued our step counting by trying to reach 5,000 steps a day while walking in the track and keeping social distance. This is important because if students do not move much during school or at home, they will lose the fitness level they are at now. Students, let's continue being active and do not give up.