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Extended Curriculum Activities

Our Extended Curriculum Activities (ECAs) are important to the learning and development of our pupils, with the majority of pupils enrolling for at least one activity. Whilst not part of the formal curriculum, they support the philosophy and learning style of both Repton International School and the International Baccalaureate programmes.

The value of ECAs lies in the opportunities available to pupils to try new disciplines and perhaps find a life-long passion or hobby; this can help shape a pupils’ future and supports the IB learner profile – as well as contributing towards the development of our pupils. ECA’s offer the ideal opportunity for developing new interests and skills, whilst also cultivating school spirit requiring pupils and staff to interact across grade boundaries, forging, connections, friendships and bonds across our community.


Teacher-Led ECAs

Teacher-led ECA’s allow our staff to share skills and talent with our pupils – and on occasion teachers may create and organise activities based upon pupil requests. A sample list of teacher-led ECA’s is given below, this list does not include sports which form part of the Repton House system and are delivered on a weekly basis for our pupils.

Painting on Canvas; Construction; Chess; Eco-warriors; Floor Ball; Model United Nations STEM Science Club; Creating Comic Books.

Externally Led ECAs

In addition to our teacher-led ECA’s, we also run activities delivered by trusted partners who come to our school and work with pupils. The activities are available from November and include:

Music lessons; Chess; coding and sports


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