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Distance Learning Procedures in the Senior School

The following distance learning procedures are to ensure we maintain a balance between academic workload, health and wellbeing. They are designed to ensure we are able to support students academically, as well as pastorally whilst they are learning away from the school premises.

Homeroom Teacher

Daily procedures

  • Homeroom teachers will have a live homeroom check in using Google Meet every morning at 9:00am. Students must be sent the Google Meet code on the first day of distance learning, and this code will be used daily for the morning check in.
  • Homeroom teachers must take registration attendance using Engage. All students are expected to check in during the live Google Meet to ensure their teacher takes their attendance.
  • Homeroom teachers are to inform students of what Google Meet live sessions they have for the day and encourage students to check their Google Classrooms/Managebac for specific subject instructions for the day
  • Homeroom teachers to remind students of appropriate dress during Google Meet live sessions and expectations of behaviour and locatio
  • Homeroom teachers should also support students pastorally to ensure their wellbeing. Going back into lockdown may create some stress for students, so, homeroom teachers should keep this in mind when asking students how they are every morning.
Key Stage 3, IGCSE, A level, IB

Asynchronous work

  • Subject teachers will be expected to plan their asynchronous work for the week for their respective subjects.
  • The expected workload per subject for the week should be at a minimum of 2 hours per subject per week, however should not exceed 3 hours per subject
  • Subject teachers must complete the Distance Learning weekly plan template at the start of each week to ensure this is shared with the homeroom teachers, students and families. This will be kept in a centralised

Google Drive folder

  • Work set by teachers is to be asynchronous to the live session timetable and students are expected to complete the work by the end of the week in their own time.
  • Work will be communicated and set on Google Classroom or Managebac (IB). Students will be expected to follow key instructions on Google Classroom/Managebac and ensure their work is completed and submitted using these portals.
  • Teachers must complete the Distance Learning work submitted register at the end of the week noting which students have completed the work, not completed the work, or any work that is incomplete preferably by Friday at 4pm. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Pastoral for further action.
  • All asynchronous work is due Friday by 2pm however, early submission of work is also encouraged.

Google Meet live sessions

  • The Google Meet live sessions will be scheduled per subject. These are the only times students and teachers are expected to be present for a live lesson using Google Meet.
  • The Google Meets have been timetabled to occur in the morning of each day, to ensure students have the afternoon free to complete the asynchronous work independently.
  • Google Meet live sessions’ timings are as follows: * see Timetables for full schedule
         9.00 -9.10     : Registration homeroom
         9.15 -10.15   : period 1
        10.30 -11.30  : period 2
        11.45 -12.45  : period 3
  • Sessions labelled ‘BMC’ are for Malaysian students only.
  • One day per week Malaysian students in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 will have a live session during Period 4 13:00-13:30 on a specific day. Year 11 will have their live session Friday Period 3
  • All teachers and students are expected to be present during the Google Meet sessions using both audio and video
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately and respectful of the learning environment, however, uniforms are not expected to be worn
  • Teachers are expected to dress appropriately - smart casual. Please ensure no logos, sports tops or shoulderless tops are worn.
  • Students are expected to sit in a neutral spot at a desk or table during their Google Meet live session. Students should not be laying in bed or on the floor.
  • Students are encouraged to use headphones to respect the learning space and ensure concentration
  • The Google Live sessions are an opportunity to introduce new material, or go over content and work that has already been set as well as be available to address student questions.
  • Registration for each Google Meet must be completed by the subject teacher on the Live sessions Register which will be centrally located in a shared folder.
  • If students do not check into the Google Meet, subject teachers must note this on the Live sessions Register, and the Head of Pastoral will follow up.


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