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Music, Art, Physical Education

Apart from focusing on academics, Repton International School also believe in cultivating and engaging the artistic side of pupils, as well as developing their physical fitness and sports capabilities.


Through our Music Programme, pupils who are musically inclined have a chance in developing their talent and potential as musicians.

Having gained their foundation here to create, participate in and analysing music, they can confidently move on to further their studies in this field, unleashing and sharing their music on a larger stage.


Visual Arts

Pupils with a flair in visual arts will find delight in our Visual Arts programme.

Picking up more in-depth techniques and challenging their own perceptions are some of the ways we help develop their fresh perspectives to the fundamentals of art and design.

Before long, they can join the ranks of practising artists and designers, directing their very own visual enquiries.

Physical Education & Swimming

Repton International School also has excellent sporting facilities that support sporty pupils who are interested to explore and pursue their talents.

Physical Education and Swimming programme is a great start in developing a wide range of physical skills, abilities, and endurance of the mind, body, and spirit.

Being engaged in sports not only calls for physical activities, but also the need to strategise, plan, and execute tactics. It builds team work and spirit with team members, and there are tremendous benefits to be gained from the whole experience.

Some pupils have even elected to study Physical Education at IGCSE level.