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House System

The House System Overview

The ‘Houses’ at Repton International School play an integral part of the school’s pastoral care provision. Pupils have the opportunities to make friends with children from other classes and year groups. They have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive activities including sports, art, debating and music. Through a range of academic, sporting and artistic events held throughout the school year, pupils get to enjoy team building exercises and develop a healthy competitive spirit.

There are currently four Houses at Repton International School in Malaysia twinned with Houses at Repton in the UK and in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Orchard – Red
  • Brook - Yellow
  • Fry - Purple
  • Latham – Blue

House meetings where the whole House, pupils and staff, get together are held regularly. House meetings are used to acknowledge the achievements of the House members, prepare for competitions or arrange duties around the school which are shared between Houses on a rota basis. In addition, pupils are encouraged to seek support from their fellow House members and the House staff, particularly the Housemaster of Housemistress if they have any worries or concerns.


Pastoral and Academic Significance

The House system is interwoven into the pastoral and academic lives of the pupils providing a platform for moral, spiritual and intellectual growth.

The House system is an essential element of the pastoral life of the school and guidance from House staff together with peer support help individuals develop some of the qualities and competencies that are integral to our Aims. The House system also provides a communication network where pastoral issues can be easily disseminated through to staff who need to know.

To support pupils in their academic endeavours, an academic tutor system is embedded in each House. House staff monitor, encourage and support the academic progress of the pupils in their House and the small group sizes together with continuity through the years builds a strong, effective, friendly oversight between the pupil and the tutor.


Why House?

The term ‘House’ is applied because at Repton in the UK and also in Dubai where we have boarding pupils, they refer to the actual houses in which the boys and girls live. The House is where pupils become part of a school family, a home from home, with a married teacher and their spouse in charge, often living in house which is separate from the school itself.


A Sense of Belonging

The concept of the school House system has become more familiar the world over since the Harry Potter books and the attachments and loyalties described by J.K. Rowling are equally strong in our Repton Houses. Indeed, so significant is a Repton pupil’s House that when alumni meet one another, the first question asked is, “What House were you?” That sense of camaraderie and identity is part of what Repton is developing in all of its schools. Therefore, the House is, in a sense, every Reptonian’s family in the School – the place where enduring relationships with peers and members of staff are born.


Developing Leadership and Responsibility

Each House is led by the Housemaster or Housemistress supported by the staff in the House. However, within the House there are important roles to be played by the pupils elected as House Captains and Vice-Captains and Sports Captains. House Captains are chosen by their peers and work closely with the Housemaster or Housemistress in organising the House. These positions carry a good deal of responsibility and are highly respected. House Captains are supported by House prefects who are selected for leadership duties around the school. The role of prefect is awarded to pupils who set good examples to others and who can be relied upon to act responsibly.


School Uniform

As a part of the school uniform, pupils are expected to wear their House shirts for sporting competitions and may sometimes be required to wear them in PE and Games lessons.

House ties are highly coveted and awarded to pupils for service and endeavour and are worn with pride. A number of badges are issued by each house in recognition of achievement.


House Events

Often the co-curricular elements of the curriculum are driven through the House system, which given the more intimate circumstances, can lead to raised confidence and aspirations. Throughout the course of the year co-curricular activities provide the basis for a number of House events are held. These include:

  • House Point competition – awarded each term and then annually to champion House
  • Inter-House Sports competitions such as basketball, badminton, football etc.
  • Sports Day – athletics
  • Inter-House Swimming gala
  • The ‘House Shout’ singing and performance competition
  • House music events
  • Charity events


The Role of Parents

When your son or daughter joins a House, so do you! Siblings are almost always assigned to the same House and it is hoped that parents will fully engage with and support their child’s House. As with all school events, your support is encouraged.