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Recognise Your Child's Development

  • Recognise Your Child's Development
  • Recognise Your Child's Development
  • Recognise Your Child's Development
How to Recognise and Support Sensitive Periods in your Child’s Development?

During their first six years of a child’s life, children move through five main categories of sensitive periods, including order, language, sensory skills, movement, and social skills. This the time when a child's interest is focused on developing a particular skill. Like you might find your child scooping water or objects from one place to another for over an hour until he/she is satisfied. This period is a time of limited duration. During the sensitive periods, the child has a very powerful capacity to learn. The child is able to do unexpected things and make very important acquisitions, like language and movement.

During the sensitive period for language, children can learn any language. According to doctors and specialist, a child around 0 – 6year of age watches and hears you speak that is why is it important to speak clearly and give the chance to speak. So do not hesitate to use your own mother tongue at home while your child is learning English at school.

Our role as adults is to learn about sensitive periods, the laws of development, a child’s needs, and what we can do to satisfy or anticipate these needs. When a learning environment is not properly prepared for sensitive periods, the adult is a hindrance who causes frustration and naughtiness for a child. The child goes through internal chaos, torn between satisfying needs for development and doing what the adult tells her to do. We must prepare and provide the proper environment according to the needs of each stage of development.