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Procedures & Policies for Admitting to International Schools in Malaysia

Procedures & Policies for Admitting to International Schools in Malaysia

Malaysia has many reputable international schools that offer quality education at every level of a pupil’s life, from preschool all the way to A Level. When making a choice of which school to enrol in, do consider the type of syllabus that’s right for your child.

Also an important consideration is to choose a programme or curriculum that’s recognised by tertiary education institutions that you may already be planning for. Many choose programmes such as the IGCSE since it is widely recognised the world over.


A Guideline To Applying To International Schools Malaysia

Step 1: Submit an application to the school

Carefully go through the instructions for what’s required by the school. Application forms are provided by the schools and usually posted on their websites. https://repton.edu.my/index.php/admissions/admissions-procedure

Some schools take in applications online, whilst some may require submission of actual documents by mail.

For foreign students, additional documents such as these may be required by schools:

1. Copy of the pupil’s passport or birth certificate
2. Copy of both parents’ passport
3. Copy of Entry Visa stamp on both parents’ passports
4. Copy of the pupil’s previous school records
5. Copy of the pupil’s health records

For students who are transferring from one school to another, additional documents and records from the previous school may be required by the new school. Say for example, you are relocating from Kuala Lumpur and looking for international schools in Johor to apply to, be sure to request for all the needful documents or reports from the previous school before you make the move.

Do take note that some schools may also require a non-refundable application fee along with the submission. https://repton.edu.my/index.php/admissions/registration-form

Step 2: Attend an assessment or interview with the school

Depending on each school’s policy, the pupil will need to be assessed or interviewed as part of the process to gauge whether the school is a good fit for the pupil. With some schools, parents may also be invited for an interview together with the pupil. This is a good time for parents to also assess whether their expectations of the school will be well met.

Step 3: Review of application

After the above session, the school will then review the application along with the results of the assessment or interview, and make a decision whether to offer a place to the applying pupil.

Step 4: Offer of placement

An offer of placement will be made by the school once it has deemed the application successful. At this stage, deposit and registration fees will be required, along with the pupil’s acceptance of the school placement.


Ensure A Good Fit For Your Child

When doing your research for international schools in Malaysia, you will find many options spanning the northern states to central Kuala Lumpur, to international schools in Johor, which cater to locals and other nationalities around the world.

Do put in some time to find out more background information and the philosophy of the schools, to determine a good fit for your child. A school is an important foundation where a child’s character and academic excellence are built. Hence, it is important to enrol in a school that meets with your and your child’s needs and expectations.