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Play in Young Children

  • Digital Whiteboard In Online Lessons
  • Digital Whiteboard In Online Lessons
  • Digital Whiteboard In Online Lessons
  • Digital Whiteboard In Online Lessons

Much of our time is now spent online including our lessons, tasks and activities. The children in Year 1A have a keen interest in collaborating and creating jamboards. This has become our ‘digital playground’ and the children have been looking forward to our jamboard sessions which helped them in applying their learning and practising their IT skills. Some of the presentations they have created are their favourite summer activities and destinations, their favourite food and how to make it, an exploration of good and bad characters and even making a comic strip linked to our English lessons.

According to Jennifer Sparrow, digital literacy is an understanding of how to use the tools whereas digital fluency is the ability to create something new with these tools. Digital fluency can be viewed as an evolving collection of fluencies including, but not limited to, curiosity, communication, creation, data and innovation fluencies which can be achieved through improving and fostering foundation skills of digital fluency.

Without the shared experience of an online learning classroom and the use of digital platforms we will not be able to explore the competencies of the children in the use and application of their digital language.

  • Achievements To Be Proud Of
  • Achievements To Be Proud Of
  • Achievements To Be Proud Of

Reception have demonstrated what hard working, resilient, dedicated and passionate learners they are throughout this very challenging year. Even though we have yo-yoed from being at school, to online and back again, the children have continued to engage and excel with their studies. We are very proud of their achievements. Here are some of our favourite memories from the year.

Traditionally, the last week of term in junior school is a considerably more relaxed affair than the rest ofthe academic timetable. So the last week of online learning would be utterly catasterous without an assortment of online fun and games for everyone to enjoy.Additionally, the glorious children in Year 2B are cooking up a flavory-savory table of events for our end of year party on Friday. With some help from their author-of-the-moment, Roald Dahl.

The class have been churgling away at three of Dahl’s best-loved titles this term – The Twits, The MagicFinger and now George’s Marvellous Medicine. We’ve been horrified at some of Dahl's vermicious characters; but completely rib-tickled by his lickswishy ideasand the satisfying endings where all the nasty wrongdoing is repaid (sometimes wriggling and cold)!

Therefore, our last day on Friday will be our Dahlicious Dress up Day. With everyone in costume as a RoaldDahl character. The class have nominated a variety of favourite games from ourprevious online classes. Then we’re going to top it off by making some scrumdiddlyumptious silly sandwiches, while watching the classic version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now, doesn’t thatsound like a razztwizzler?

Happy end of term everyone!

The end of the academic year is almost upon us. These have been very challenging times indeed with the pandemic affecting each and every one. The students I teach in the Primary and Secondary schools have said that distance learning has been interesting and interactive. However, many experienced poor wifi connections which in turn hindered the learning process. All the students commented that they preferred to be physically in school to learn.

In view of the current MCO in Malaysia, students were asked to write from their perspective: How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your life at school and at home for the last nine months?

Students wrote critical thinking questions such as:

How many lockdowns have we had in the last nine months?
How were they different?
How do I feel about isolation?
How do I feel about not being in school physically on the last day of the term?

The assignment provided the opportunity for students to voice their thoughts and feelings as well as improve their writing skills. They organised their facts in logical sequence and demonstrated improvement in their writing. Well done.

The end of the year is fast approaching and Year 1 have very mixed feelings: we are excited to meet our new teacher and find out what school will be like in Year 2, but sad to be saying goodbye to some new friends and old, many of whom are returning to their home countries or making the move to other parts of Malaysia! It has been a rollercoaster of a ride this year and, whilst we have faced many challenges, we are proud of how we have pulled together as a team and overcome these challenges with humour and determination.

As we finish the last few weeks of distance learning this year, we look back on how far we have come, the progress we have made in our learning, our friendships and our understanding of the world around us. We feel braver and more aware, and have found a new desire to help take care of our planet, and the people on it. Whether you can plant a seed, or throw your trash in the bin, or pick up litter on your next beach trip (whenever that may be!), we can all do our part to make the world a better place. From Year 1B at Repton International School, Malaysia, we hope you enjoy your summer break, and cannot wait to see you back here in August ready for a new school year full of fresh and exciting challenges.