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Play in Young Children

The end of the academic year is almost upon us. These have been very challenging times indeed with the pandemic affecting each and every one. The students I teach in the Primary and Secondary schools have said that distance learning has been interesting and interactive. However, many experienced poor wifi connections which in turn hindered the learning process. All the students commented that they preferred to be physically in school to learn.

In view of the current MCO in Malaysia, students were asked to write from their perspective: How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your life at school and at home for the last nine months?

Students wrote critical thinking questions such as:

How many lockdowns have we had in the last nine months?
How were they different?
How do I feel about isolation?
How do I feel about not being in school physically on the last day of the term?

The assignment provided the opportunity for students to voice their thoughts and feelings as well as improve their writing skills. They organised their facts in logical sequence and demonstrated improvement in their writing. Well done.