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Play in Young Children

  • Fun Ways To Workout

Doing PE online is a little bit of a challenge. Team sports are impossible to teach, most students do not have any equipment at home so creativity is very important.

The PE department decided to start a fitness program based on Joe Wicks’ videos that were popular during the first lockdown in the UK. He recorded daily training sessions from his living room and did not use any equipment. The workouts last just over20 minutes. There are 10 exercises to complete for 30 seconds, with a 30seconds pause in between each exercise. The exercises are repeated twice.

At Repton we adapted the principle behind the videos and, to make the workouts more interesting, used a website called “wheel decide”. The teacher enters all the exercises then spins the wheel and the exercise is randomly selected. To add to the excitement, special segments were added to the wheel: “off” means that the students can rest, +15 seconds mean that students need to work for 45 seconds instead of 30.

Year 7 and 10 have also been recording their daily steps on a class spreadsheet and are trying to beat their teacher. Despite the MCO, students have remained active, which is very important: you need some physical activity to get your brain to function at full capacity!