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Play in Young Children

Year 9 students had the opportunity this term to enter the Covid-19 International Student Film Festival, organised by Sparta Public Schools in Michigan, USA. The competition allowed students from international schools all over the world to enter a self-made movie into a variety of different categories. The students were taken through the process of planning and making a movie in their English lessons over the course of a couple of weeks. Many of the students utilised the help of their teachers, families, friends and classmates to make their videos, and the end result was a vast array of themes and content, ranging from stand-up comedy and lightsaber battles to poetry and animation. All of the students who entered their movies into the competition did incredibly well. Many played instruments, created art, acted and edited independently. The level of quality and effort that went into this project was exceptional! Excitingly, two students actually WON in their respective categories - Hyerim Yun won the 'My Music' category for her song about following SOPs, and Jasmehar Kaur won the 'My Shakespeare' category for an excellent poem and artwork theorising what the story of Macbeth might have been if Covid had existed. Well done Year 9 for the incredible work!