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Play in Young Children

There is always a pre-determined notion that maths is all about numbers and just simply solving them using pen and paper. But there is a life beyond that where students are also taught to enjoy, challenge, and appreciate math and that is exactly what Year 8 B and Year 9 B were introduced to. The students were asked to log in to Kahoot where a challenging and time-based challenging math quiz was set for them and each student had to complete the challenge between 10 to 20 seconds. It was a challenge of might, perseverance, and dedication. Students not only enjoyed every moment while they did the quiz but they tried their best to outdo their friends in order to clock the best time record and be on the top spots at the end. The sense of achievement and pride that the students had after the completion of the quiz was immense. Definitely, such activities will be repeated in the future so that students are exposed to similar challenging situations.