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Play in Young Children

  • Quick Cricket and Cross Country

Lucky for us, we got to enjoy some physical activity in the form of quick cricket and cross country before the new MCO. The students really enjoyed quick cricket. We do not want our students to be inactive so with quick cricket,it was a fast pace game which required fast catching, eye hand coordination, quick reflexes, accuracy and speed in a fun and enjoyable way. We were able to do some house competitions which involved several games of quick cricket against the other colors. We did the competition in a 3 weeks time after school with many students wanting to participate.

Cross country helps our students build their endurance and strengthen their heart. During the time we did cross country, we noticed how each session became easier for them to run with less fatigue or other issues. We were able to run a full 1.5Km before the shutdown. Many students were able to run it in less than 10 minutes which shows how well they push themselves to be successful at the sport. Overall, we did a lot in such a short time.

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