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Play in Young Children

  • Fun Pirate Theme Activities
  • Fun Pirate Theme Activities
  • Fun Pirate Theme Activities

Ahoy, me hearties! Children in Year 1A had swashbuckling fun diving into our pirate topic this term. We learnt a lot about pirates, found out about famous pirates, wrote our pirate adventure stories and even made experiments. Ms. Nadine also helped us make some pirate art including our impressive pirate ships and puppets.

Using our knowledge of materials and density from our sink and float experiment, the children were able to plan, design and build their own pirate ships. We used different materials including recycled items. We remembered our learning about reusing, reducing and recycling materials which helps conserve resources of our planet. They also discovered that a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help clean dirty ‘golden’ coins which Pirates love of course! We were able to observe and find out the changes that happen when we combine baking soda - a neutral ingredient and vinegar which is an acid. It makes bubbles which is the chemical reaction of that mixture, it can also be used as a good cleaning agent especially for our treasures! We incorporated a lot of STEAM activities in our Pirate topic which helped the children engage with different concepts and learn whilst having fun.

Pull out the eye patches, throw up the jolly roger and have fun being pirates!