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Play in Young Children

  • Year 2B Topic On Superheroes
  • Year 2B Topic On Superheroes
  • Year 2B Topic On Superheroes

Year 2B are delighting in our current topic on Superheroes, with recent surprise visits from their new favourite pint-sized adventurer - Traction Man! Having just finished reading the hilarious book about this heroic adventurer and his helper Scrubbing Brush, we chanced upon some photographic evidence that the defender of innocent household victims has now been looking for people to save at Repton!

Before we could write our own stories about Traction Man's school mission, we had to examine some of Traction Man's previous adventures; like hunting for the Lost Wreck of the Sieve in the kitchen sink, or saving the dollies from Evil Professor Spade in the garden. We explored character and setting through role play and telling the main events through story mapping.

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