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Play in Young Children

  • Fun And Exciting Weeks Of Learning
  • Fun And Exciting Weeks Of Learning
  • Fun And Exciting Weeks Of Learning

What exciting weeks we have behind us!

Year 8 students have been "enlightened” by studying some basic laws of light. First, they realized that to carry out an experiment on light, they needed dark! Students investigated how light is reflected and refracted and they produced rainbow on their desks.

Year 10 students spent a double period on osmosis. This experiment models what happens in human digestive system.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to Year 11 students because they would start their examination session soon. I hope that I will meet some of them in the next academic year as an IB or A level student. I wish them the best!

My IBDP HL class isolated the molecule of life from a banana. They decided that they might do it at home as well. The procedure is simple; the emphasis was put on understanding the importance of each step. They did great and were happy to see the outcome of their efforts.

A level students are covering a “hot” chapter now; diseases. I am afraid nowadays everyone is an expert on this issue. They realized that a disease cannot only be caused by viruses and bacteria but animals and plants, too!