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Play in Young Children

  • April Fool's Day
  • April Fool's Day

As ever, April opened with a day of pranks. The origins of this day are not clear, but everyone enjoys a day of silliness!

In Year 6, we used this as a learning opportunity. The children arrived in class to find upturned glasses of water on their tables. How could they possibly work with the risk of water leaking over their desks?
Some children had already seen videos online (and used their memory to apply a solution, pouring the water carefully into a spare glass.)Others used problem solving skills, realising that the glass would need to be covered...(and quickly realising that paper would not be suitable.)Some others decided on trial and error (and puddles!).

A day of safe fun with learning intentions hidden in the background. Apologies to any parents who had the prank repeated at home!