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Play in Young Children

  • Chemistry-Rates Of Reactions Topic

This term took an interesting turn in Y10 and Y12 Chemistry, as well as Y9 Science. The year groups were simultaneously studying the same topic: Rates of reactions. It was also another opportunistic moment to differentiate the same topic over three levels. With Y9, the topic was mostly differentiated to allow students explore the factors affecting rates in terms of concentration, temperature, surface area with relevance to understanding the type of experiments related and collisions at a superficial level. 

The Y10 took the ideas on rates further with relation to collision theory and Activation energy as a way to explain how these factors affected the rates of reactions, while further evaluating errors related to the experimental procedure. The engated with photochemical reactions as well.  

The Y12 had to draw on their previous topic, energetics (energy profile diagrams) to explain the role of catalysts on rates of reactions, and use initial rates to determine the integrated rate law and orders of reactions. 

All these ideas had a common factor, a set of apparatus (pic attached): a gas syringe, conical flask and stopwatch which added a profitable experience in understanding the world of Chemistry!