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Welcome to our Virtual Art Exhibition 2021!

Art is one of the universal languages that all human beings understand and use to communicate. At Repton we use art to express who we are, our place in the world, and the meaning of our lives. It allows us to express ourselves and to speak to others across time and place. Art enables us to "see" the world in different ways. Most students learn that art has a social as well as an aesthetic impact. The Virtual Art Exhibition fits well within our curriculum, allowing students to see and respond to their own work, as well as to the work of others. Many children love pursuing their interest in art at school and the Virtual Art Exhibition is a great opportunity for them to share their interest and their talent with parents, teachers, and friends. An exhibition allows them to see their work come to life on a virtual platform. The exhibition process included selecting a variety of students' artwork produced throughout the year, formatting them in a virtual setting, and putting them into year group categories. The students have worked hard to produce some interesting and beautiful final art pieces for the virtual exhibition.

Early Years Art Exhibition

Junior School Art Exhibition

Senior School Art Exhibition