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While most students understand that it is important to select a university wisely, they might not be as aware of how critical it is to choose a pre-university programme carefully. There are various pre-university programmes in Malaysia to choose from, and these programmes will have a strong influence on a student's academic future. This article will go into detail about the different programmes students may consider, including what each programme includes and factors to think about before selecting a programme. What is Pre-University? The term "pre-university" refers to the year or two of education before students enrol

There’s much discussion about STEM, and you might wonder how relevant it is for the twenty-first century. Education in STEM fields extends far beyond the classroom. It involves implementing a modern learning strategy to holistically develop students and bring them up to speed and industry standards. The main goal is to support students in developing creative and critical thinking abilities, which are highly valued by all businesses and essential for overcoming the challenges of the modern world. STEM education can give students an edge regarding career prospects, as most STEM jobs require computers and other digital technology in

Did you know that research shows education impacts a person's future income? It is not just the potential of becoming a high-income earner. A child must also learn the correct values and mindset to become a responsible global citizen. Importantly, this includes the process of developing soft skills such as teamwork and resilience. Parents often want their children to attend the best international school possible so that they can have a wholesome childhood with nurturing teachers to guide them. That is why choosing a reputable international school is essential.  Why choose an international school? Firstly, the numerous international schools in Malaysia give