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Maths Is Everywhere

Mathematics is a subject that is not just about numbers but it is about how we apply, analyse and evaluate it. Maths is everywhere and we just need to keep our eyes open to see it. At Repton, we precisely do the same. Maths in Secondary school is taught in such a way so that students not just become able mathematicians, but they are also able to ask why and how should they do it. Students are not just given problems to solve but they are asked to undertake research on certain topics, make presentations, etc.

Years 8, and 9 have been working on creating posters on various topics they learnt over the semester and have been using their research skills to find the history behind the invention of the concept, about the person who introduced the concept and how it can be applied in daily life. As much as they had fun choosing the topics, it also gave them an opportunity to work as a team and improve their collaboration as well as communication skills.