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Learning is Fun

"Fun is Learning: Learning through fun" is the main teaching principle in our classroom.

In term 1, our Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 students have done various activities linked to their learning objectives and outcomes

In particular the Year 7 intermediate class students enjoyed buying and selling their own products and tried to persuade their “customer “ to purchase their products. This gave them an opportunity to experience how marketing and selling techniques can be employed in a successful business.

The Year 10 Second language class have been involved in our first debate activities with the topics; “Education should focus on character building“ and “Education should focus on knowledge”. Students were well prepared on the debate activities and showed their argumentative and oral skill in the activities.

In Year 11 Second Language class, we were talked about peer pressure. and as part of the learning experience we created role play activities. Which allowed them to create their own conversation in various scenarios, giving advice and response to the communication in group activities

My message to my students is simple: I believe that learning a language might not be that easy but if you are determined to learn it, you will definitely succeed.

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