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Know More About Malaysia’s Immigration Processes For International School Students

Know More About Malaysia’s Immigration Processes For International School Students

For prospective international students who are keen on pursuing their education in Malaysia, this article is for you to glean some useful information on immigration matters.

Government agencies responsible in handling immigration matters for foreign students are the Malaysian Immigration Department and the various Malaysian diplomatic mission overseas, which are the high commission consulates or embassies around the world.


Immigration Procedures

To enter Malaysia as a student, you need to obtain student visa and these are the steps to apply for a student visa or student pass.


Step 1: Applying For Visa And Student Pass

The Malaysian government has made the process simple. You need not apply at your home country, unless you come from China.

A visa upon arrival will be issued at the immigration check point. You need to provide valid travel documents as well as the letter of approval for a student pass by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

The student pass will first be applied by the education institution that has offered you a place with them. It is submitted to the Director of Pass & Permit Division of the Malaysia Immigration Department.

The status of the application is estimated to be made known between 7 to 14 days after application.

The required documents for applying are:

  • Letter of offer or letter of acceptance from the education institution
  • Student Pass Application Form (Imm. 14) in duplicate
  • Two photocopies of the student’s valid passport or travel document. Validity period is to be at least 12 months.
  • Three passport sized photographers of the student
  • One photocopy of the student’s medical health examination report
  • Proof or evidence of ability to finance the student’s cost of education
  • Signed Personal Bond by the education institution, prescribed under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963, with payment attached

For international school students from China, you need to obtain your visa from the Malaysian Embassy in either Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou PRIOR to entering Malaysia.


Step 2: Arriving Into Malaysia, At Immigration Check Point

Upon arrival, the student must present the student pass approval letter at the immigration check point. With that, the student will be issued a special student pass and visa. They are in the form of an endorsement on the passport which is valid only for 14 days from the date of entry.


Step 3: Obtaining Student Pass Sticker And Payment Of Fees

Within 2 weeks of arrival, the education institution is required to submit the student’s passport to the State Immigration Department in order for the student pass sticker to be affixed. The Malaysian Immigration Department will endorse the passport with the student pass and visa indicating the approved length of stay, visa type, validity of student pass, and the permitted number of entries into Malaysia.

Payment for both student pass and visa are to be made at the State Immigration Department. Each student pass costs RM60 a year and a visa costs between RM15 to RM90, depending on the country of origin. Renewal fee of the annual student pass can be made at the same state department.

After successfully obtaining a student pass sticker, the Immigration Department will issue the student with an i-Kad. This i-Kad will be the only recognised substitute identification document for foreign students by the Department of Immigration. The passport can be kept safely away.


Accompanying Family Members

If there are family members accompanying the student to enter into Malaysia, they will need a Long Term Social Pass. This pass is valid for a duration of 12 months, or according to the duration of the study, whichever is earlier.

Family members who are allowed to enter with the student are:

  • Parents of the student
  • Spouses, children, and parents of the student who come from Middle Eastern countries
  • Spouses and children who are immediate family members of the student who is pursuing a postgraduate programme

Here is the process of submitting a Long Stay Application for each family member:

  • In your home country, submit the application at the nearest Malaysian Representative Office abroad with a copy of the student pass application
  • If there is no such office in your country, the applicants may enter Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass, upon which an application for an extension of stay at the State Immigration Department is required. This process must be done within one month from the date oe entry into Malaysia, and needs to be done at the same State Immigration Office where the education institution is located.
  • Documents required for this application are:

- Form Imm. 55
- Form Imm. 38 (if applicable)
- Photocopy of passport/travel document of student
- Photocopy of passport/travel document of applicant(s)
- Verification letter from the education institution


Other Immigration Matters To Take Note Of Throughout Your Student Stint

Extending Your Student Pass Or Visa Validity Period

When studying in Malaysia, the student pass and visa must be valid at all times, with the exception of those who are dependents/diplomats/extended visit pass holders.

In the event that the student has not completed the study programme at the expiration of the student pass and visa, these documents must be renewed or extended.


Extending An Expiring Passport

Go to the relevant High Commission or Embassy Office in Malaysia to apply for an extension of the existing passport, or apply for a new passport.


Applying For A New Passport

In the unfortunate event of a loss or stolen passport, the first thing to do is to file a police report of the incident. With the report, go to the relevant High Commission or Embassy Office in Malaysia to apply for a new one.


Further Information

You can also obtain the latest update and information regarding the immigration processes of Malaysia in your home country’s High Commission office before proceeding with any application and travelling to Malaysia.

You can also visit the portal of Immigration Department of Malaysia for various matters from making appointments, online applications and payments, and other expatriate services made available.