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It Takes More Than Academic Success to Thrive

It Takes More Than Academic Success to Thrive

Academic grades are no longer enough; education must be enriched with practical skills for pupils to flourish in their future careers.

Technological and economic advances are shaping our world at an incomprehensibly rapid pace, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, algorithms and biology.

Such developments mean that today’s pupils young need to complete school and university with more than a selection of academic qualifications. Grades are no longer enough for young people to thrive in modern careers, which often require increasingly demanding digital and practical skills.

The Telegraph in the UK has reported that: ‘The workforce of tomorrow will not be judged on their content knowledge, but rather a set of skills and dispositions which enable [sic] them to thrive in an economy that is changing, fast.’

Many educational facilities are taking necessary steps to reform secondary and higher-education programmes for the new decade. A notable example is Repton School; the international school has employed educational models to enrich all aspects of pupil development from academic grades to commercially-valued skills and personal wellbeing.

“The importance of shaping education so that pupils acquire practical life skills as well as academic expertise, extends all the way from primary to university level education”, says Clive Rogers, Principal at Repton Malaysia.

How Repton School Prepares Pupils for Modern Careers

In order to improve standards, the staff at Repton Malaysia have implemented their own learning frameworks to provide younger generations with a first-class education that shapes modern skills and mindsets.

Repton’s beautiful grounds are home not only to a state-of-the-art campus but also to a vast assortment of co-curricular activities aimed at helping students to develop 21st century competencies. While Repton pursues academic excellence, the school benefits from excellent facilities for drama, the arts and sport that support a curriculum that nurtures curiosity and values roundedness and personal fulfilment alongside academic aspiration.

Repton’s teachers cultivate pupils who are globally aware, intellectually curious, socially conscious and technologically fluent - all vital qualities for modern careers and lifestyles.

Principal Clive Rogers says that Repton aspires to produce well-rounded young adults with excellent grades, with the skills to thrive in the diverse modern world. Repton believes that such competencies are not necessarily the preserve of the academically brilliant, which is why the school pursues the development of leadership, social confidence and competence to enhance academic success.

While many schools focus on a grades-based, two-dimensional view of success, Repton seeks to provide an all-round education that enables pupils to thrive in and out of the classroom, in all aspects of their lives.

How Repton School Blends Academic and Practical Skills

Aside from traditional academic lessons, Repton pupils partake in a variety of co-curricular sessions. The timetable is enriched with additional programmes including music, arts, sports coaching and competitive fixtures. Each area is designed to inspire pupils, broaden their outlook and further the life opportunities ahead of them. The timetable is enriched with additional programmes including music, arts, sports training and fixtures.

The Need for an Educational Shift

The requirements of the 21st century workplace has a direct bearing on the curriculum and teaching approaches that schools and universities must adopt. For the modern world of work, pupils will need a wide range of skills and competencies, no longer can they rely purely on academic results. Young people’s educations must meet these changing needs.