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My daughter, Danielle Smith Cheah, completed her Year 8 at Repton rather well in July 2021 despite the disruption caused by the pandemic. She shared with me that she enjoyed her new class of Business Studies and French language during her physical and online lessons.

Danielle is a cohort student of Repton International School and the school before, since kindergarten and I am pleased with the smooth transition in her education at Repton thanks to the efforts of the teachers, Principal, and administrators of Repton. It does show that Repton having over 400 years of education experience and history, is able to provide agility and adaptability to plan and execute programs for her even a moment’s notice of a Covid lockdown. There was no pause nor need for pause by the School, in announcing or executing the programs during the pandemic.

She settled in very comfortably to the online classes. I am also constantly made aware of my child’s progress at school via emails from teachers and the School’s Engage portal. All these meet my expectations and I am sure, that of Danielle’s, too. I am eager for her to fully enjoy and take every advantage of the school come post Covid-19.

Danielle has been active in sports over the last five years and the School has been supportive of her interest and those of her friends in triathlon and opened also wider opportunities in team sports during their regular PE lessons. There is indeed a well-balanced education programme here, including pastoral care and the arts. I can engage in Danielle’s education, thanks in part to the communication structure the school has prepared.

The Repton team shared with us their vision and goals for the school here in Malaysia some two years ago and immediately set about improving the safety and appearance of the school. Even with obstacles due to Covid-19, the School managed to complete the first phase of improvements and is now embarking on the second phase of physical improvements. Danielle was fortunate to see and use the new facilities, albeit just for a while before online lessons had to commence again. She looks forward to returning to more improvements to her school environment in Year 9.

I believe the aims and goals of Repton will prepare her for the future. The online classes with all its psychological and technological challenges during the pandemic are also experiences and skills for her in the future.

My family has had an Anglo association in upbringing and education. My wife Wanda, my sister, my parents have all received their tertiary education from and in the UK. I, too, am a Chevening scholar of the British Government. I am indeed happy that Repton has allowed my wife and me to provide for our daughter that experience of British school education from an early age without having to leave Malaysia. I do take pride in being associated with an over 460-year old British institution with all its traditions, values, and successes. The teachers at Repton Malaysia are vast and varied and, this School has also the vast resources of the other Repton international schools globally. I understand that there will be yet change and growth for Repton this year as announced by the new principal, but I feel confident and am assured to Danielle completing her IB/A levels with Repton Malaysia.

- Ir. Derek Cheah