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For prospective international students who are keen on pursuing their education in Malaysia, this article is for you to glean some useful information on immigration matters. Government agencies responsible in handling immigration matters for foreign students are the Malaysian Immigration Department and the various Malaysian diplomatic mission overseas, which are the high commission consulates or embassies around the world.   Immigration Procedures To enter Malaysia as a student, you need to obtain student visa and these are the steps to apply for a student visa or student pass.   Step 1: Applying For Visa And Student

In this post, we take a closer look at life in Malaysia for expats and international students, giving you a better idea of what you can expect and providing you with local perspectives and highlights.   Good Pace Of Life Compared to many countries, Malaysia generally has a slower pace of life with people striving for a more balanced lifestyle between work and play. In a good way, you will also see that people tend to take things easy and enjoy a more varied lifestyle on their off-work/school time. One of the activities Malaysians like to frequent are retail outlets.

As with all decisions we make in life, there are two sides of a coin, hence requiring us to look at all sides before settling on an informed decision. When it comes to making a decision on whether or not to send your child to an international school in Malaysia, do consider the pros and cons, from the macro and micro views. Here are some pros and cons to going to international school in Malaysia.   Curriculum The curriculum used by international schools differ from those adopted by public schools. They tend to offer a wider range of

This week students have been preparing for an oral presentation. The learning objective of the assignment is to practice speaking skills, organise information as well as build self-confidence. Students choose a suitable presentation topic from a list and undertake their own research. The assignment provides the opportunity for them to generate and put together ideas, and the practise to communicate effectively. Their presentation will include an introduction, a general outline of their presentation, points in logical sequence with explanations, and finally a summarisation of their presentation when closing. Students will endeavour to present information in a clear and coherent manner.

  • Year 1B Back In The Classroom

In Year 1B, we are beyond excited to be back in the classroom! Undoubtedly, we have all (children and adults alike) learned a great deal through the distance learning programme - understanding how to navigate and use the Google Suite, how to turn our kitchen tables into desks, how to concentrate and learn with all the distractions going on at home - but we have missed our friends and the fun we have when we are together.

As creative as we have tried to be, we know that the best teaching and learning occurs when we can work together - in a safe, socially-distanced way, of course. We do our best exploring and investigating when we are hands-on, and have the opportunity to talk through our ideas with our peers and friends.

Let’s hope we remain in school for as long as we can, learning, playing and growing together. Welcome back!!

The children in 5A have been so incredibly resilient over the last few months; I have been astounded at their responsible attitudes and approaches to their learning. There have been some ups and downs since we began our online learning (this time around) but overall the children have continued to work hard and provide support for one another.

With Friday being the last day of learning in this way, the children are extremely excited to get back to the classroom. We plan to make the most of the time we now have together in school, filling our days with hands-on activities and allowing the children to simply be children (all in a socially distanced way of course)! I am excited to work with them over the coming months to see what wonderful things they will go on to achieve and so pleased that we can now begin looking towards a more 'normal' future as a class.

The Chinese New Year just ended last Friday (26 Feb) and it is regrettable that we were not able to celebrate in school. However it was still essential to understand this important Chinese Festival so we had some online cultural lessons. The younger groups learned about Lunar New Year traditions and well-wishes. Year 2 had a chance to do a virtual “Lo-Hei” and you can see how excited they were, ready with their chopsticks. Most of the students were great at shouting out “huat-ah” meaning “prosperity to all '' which really rounds up the session in the right mood. Despite our distance learning, we can still unite together in hearts we put our sincerity together in learning and celebrating. The older groups learned more about the meaning and symbolism of customs and food through crafts and quiz games. Year 5 had fun doing virtual tours of Chinatowns in San Francisco and Singapore. 

Although we have been holding online lessons since school started for the second semester, it is remarkable that the students are adapting well and showing learning progress with their commitment and hard work. All year levels have started on Chapter 9. I am especially happy to see the Year 1 participating well during online lessons and they are getting used to the Google meet functions. Some of them could even share screens and change their backgrounds. All these provide a chance to engage in Mandarin Conversations especially during the Lunar New Year period.

I take special pride in mentioning Year 4 as they keep up with the learning progress. When put in small groups, the students are able to work together as a team and coordinate well among themselves. I look forward to them taking more ownership of their learning. Another group is Year 6! They have shown some improvements in their writing and they attribute it to online typing. Maybe we could let them do the essay writing on the computer. With this ponder, we find that the end of the MCO period is coming soon. I can’t wait to have everyone back in school sharing our joys, sighs and laughter in person.

The Junior Non-native Mandarin groups are always looking for ways on how to be more creative with our Distance Learning lessons and some of the ideas we wanted our wonderful students to consistently work through the effort of everybody.

  • Be on time for class and come with a positive attitude to learn.
  • Be well prepared for the class with the necessary materials.
  • Everyone participates in the class with a focus and growth mindset.
  • Everyone must submit our assignments with quality.

I must confess these guiding principles helped the students and I would like to say well done to our wonderful students as we say goodbye to distance learning and a return to more exciting lessons in our classrooms.

See you all on Monday 8 March.


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