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For prospective international students who are keen on pursuing their education in Malaysia, this article is for you to glean some useful information on immigration matters. Government agencies responsible in handling immigration matters for foreign students are the Malaysian Immigration Department and the various Malaysian diplomatic mission overseas, which are the high commission consulates or embassies around the world.   Immigration Procedures To enter Malaysia as a student, you need to obtain student visa and these are the steps to apply for a student visa or student pass.   Step 1: Applying For Visa And Student

In this post, we take a closer look at life in Malaysia for expats and international students, giving you a better idea of what you can expect and providing you with local perspectives and highlights.   Good Pace Of Life Compared to many countries, Malaysia generally has a slower pace of life with people striving for a more balanced lifestyle between work and play. In a good way, you will also see that people tend to take things easy and enjoy a more varied lifestyle on their off-work/school time. One of the activities Malaysians like to frequent are retail outlets.

As with all decisions we make in life, there are two sides of a coin, hence requiring us to look at all sides before settling on an informed decision. When it comes to making a decision on whether or not to send your child to an international school in Malaysia, do consider the pros and cons, from the macro and micro views. Here are some pros and cons to going to international school in Malaysia.   Curriculum The curriculum used by international schools differ from those adopted by public schools. They tend to offer a wider range of

Year 9 students had the opportunity this term to enter the Covid-19 International Student Film Festival, organised by Sparta Public Schools in Michigan, USA. The competition allowed students from international schools all over the world to enter a self-made movie into a variety of different categories. The students were taken through the process of planning and making a movie in their English lessons over the course of a couple of weeks. Many of the students utilised the help of their teachers, families, friends and classmates to make their videos, and the end result was a vast array of themes and content, ranging from stand-up comedy and lightsaber battles to poetry and animation. All of the students who entered their movies into the competition did incredibly well. Many played instruments, created art, acted and edited independently. The level of quality and effort that went into this project was exceptional! Excitingly, two students actually WON in their respective categories - Hyerim Yun won the 'My Music' category for her song about following SOPs, and Jasmehar Kaur won the 'My Shakespeare' category for an excellent poem and artwork theorising what the story of Macbeth might have been if Covid had existed. Well done Year 9 for the incredible work!

  • Y9 Science: The Science Of Toys
  • Y9 Science: The Science Of Toys
  • Y9 Science: The Science Of Toys

Y9 Science: The Science Of Toys

The last weeks in Y9 science have allowed students to explore various applications of scientific concepts. The most interesting was the 'Science of toys' research project. Students had to identify toys they have, to explain and demonstrate how they work, then to eventually determine the scientific concepts related to how they work.

They further appreciated that the simplest of toys had the most interesting scientific dimension!

Example of toys they selected attached.

  • Year 4B Learning Local Folk Tales

The Crocodile, The Mouse Deer And The Buffalo.

Despite the online learning challenges this year is presenting there's been a hive of activity in Year 4B. We have been learning a Malaysian folk tales and exploring the wisdom contained therein. In particular we've been retelling, sequencing and adding our own interesting vocabulary to spice up a classic tale. The clever Mouse Deer helps the kind Buffalo when he gets into a fix with the cunning and devious crocodile. We explored the characters and their motivations through role play and hot seating, which has really developed our writing, especially when we are writing characters's dialogue. I'm looking forward to reading some great stories shortly...


Science toys being a source of entertainment, also can plant the seeds for future scientific exploration and even a career in the sciences. In addition to being very educational, the right toy can mesmerize a child for hours as they learn how it works and figures out the nuances of its operation. It can definitely help give them that all-important head starts in school as they begin their studies in science. Science-based toys are a great way to learn and understand basic scientific principles.

The science of toys mini-expo is a year-end project for Year 9 students. This mini-expo is an online activity where students will showcase their understanding of scientific principles and science processes using the best toys of their choice. This PBL activity is unique as students will be doing their project presentations with their virtual audience.

FROM A STUDENT: (Hyerim Yun, Y9A)

We started this project by choosing a toy (we could choose the toy that we have at home), then we had to create a Google presentation to present. The points that we must include in the presentation were the name and picture of the toy, our name and class, background of the particular toy, the reason why we chose that toy, how it works, the science processes or scientific principle behind the toy, and references and online resources. The guideline was kindly given by Mr. Joel for us to work more smoothly. Also, the presentation had to be eye-catching and colourful, but not too wordy for the audience.

Our presentation should be a minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Therefore, we had to be experts in the toy that we chose and perfectly understand it. There are 13 students total in our class, so we had to divide the group into 3, which means we took 3 days to finish the presentation. Moreover, we were asked to wear the school uniform as it was a formal project. Some other teachers joined the class and watched our presentation as well. The students who had their toys at home, we could show and explain about them to help other students’ understanding. While one student was presenting, the others had to listen to him/her, and we were allowed to ask questions after the presentation was over.

Lastly, the teachers, Mr. Joel for 9A and Ms. Leballo for 9B, monitored the progress of the presentation. They gave us specific feedback about how we can improve and form better work. They marked our final work during the presentation based on the following criteria: Background of the toy and the reason why we chose → 5 marks, How the toy works → 5 marks, science processes and scientific principle behind the toy → 10 marks, communication skill → 5 marks.

This research project, ‘Science of Toys’, helped the students to learn that science is deeply involved in our lives, and there are scientific principles behind a simple toy that we use a lot. It was a very useful project. It taught us how to be good communicators because we need to present our project to the whole class. It was a good experience for all of us.

Due to the pandemic,we are back to distance learning. Students learnt the various topics through interactive activities and enhanced their communication skills (Speaking,listening, Reading and Writing).

On Monday, it was one of the most important Chinese festivals ~ Dragon Boat Festival. Therefore, students are being introduced to the origin of the Dragon Boat festival, the traditional food in this festival and the custom of this festival. In addition , students played Kahoot games related to this festival to have further understanding, watching the origin story and reading the comprehension about this festival. Some students shared their experience and opinion about this festival.Chinese culture is fun and unique, the culture lesson will bring the learner to have further understanding and appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture.

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