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IB Diploma 2020 Results

The school is once again celebrating excellent International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results, with a 100% pass rate and a 33.67% grade average for this year’s cohort of students. Over half of the Diploma students achieved 33 or more Diploma points.

I am delighted and proud that the hard work and dedication of our pupils and staff has led to such outstanding results. The option to take the IB Diploma Programme adds a great deal to the distinctive education at the school and prepares the students extremely well for university studies globally.

The IB curriculum is known for its breadth and for encouraging analytical thinking, even as it required students to put in at least 150 hours of community service in two years. In essence 'It is a package that changes lives, rather than just focusing on academic training.' On behalf of the school I would like to offer congratulations to all of our IB students, teachers and parents who supported them through the last two years of their educational journey.

We look forward to hearing from them as they embark on their tertiary studies around the globe.