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Fascinating Ancient Civilisation by Year 4B

In Year 4B, our focus this term has been on a fascinating ancient civilisation, the Vikings. We have used this focal point to explore the history of the Viking invasions, their geographical spread, and what their cultural beliefs and values were.

As part of our research we have read Vikings Saga, heard tales of the Old Norse Gods and plotted out own 6 part Viking Sagas. It's been a great opportunity to develop characterisation, sequence narratives and build excitement and suspense into our creative storytelling. We've also developed our understanding of writing direct speech and the rules involved.

The class have really enjoyed some of the practical activities we also undertook such as making shield, portraits and especially the chance to understand how Viking Longships worked, through making our own models. Here we were testing out a fully functioning Longboat made by Fuan Shen. His design was very close to the Viking original and sailed beautifully!

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