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Repton International School Senior School

Senior School

Entering Senior School and Key Stage 3 is a memorable experience in the life of every child, and here at Repton International School we strive to ensure that our students begin this important stage in their education in a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

The first change students will see is that each subject is taught by a specialist, so that each child has access to a wide range of educational expertise and teaching styles. New subjects are also introduced such as Drama, Design Technology and French in Year 7. In Year 9 Chemistry, Biology and Physics take the place of General Science in order to best inform each student about their future IGCSE choices.

Students at the Repton International School benefit from regular, varied homework and clear, personalised feedback, and they are always encouraged to become independent learners. House points and commendations are regularly awarded in recognition of students’ hard work, effort and determination.

Apart from enjoying a new and exciting academic programme, students entering Key Stage 3 will have many opportunities to embrace co-curricular challenges and to enhance their social and inter-personal skills. A wide variety of clubs are on offer, from basketball to orchestra, chess to photography.

Here at the Repton International School we also place great importance on nurturing students’ social awareness and sense of personal and collective responsibility through the House System, which encourages leadership and community projects

Overall, Key Stage 3 students at the Repton International School will enjoy a warm, inspiring and challenging experience, which will contribute to their development as healthy, enquiring, capable and confident young adults.


The Senior School curriculum is divided into three Key Stages

The transition between Key Stages within the Senior School is also supportive and informative. Students make their choices for IGCSE courses during Year 9 with external examinations normally taking place at the end of Year 11. Unique in the region, and to many international schools, is the privileged opportunity to opt for either the IBDP or A Levels. Offering parallel curriculum pathways ensures that our students have the best opportunity to study in a way that suits them. Additionally, they benefit from remaining in the learning environment where they have flourished and have been nurtured over time.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 - 9

Key Stage 4

Year 10 - 11

Key Stage 5

Year 12 - 13

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