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  • Students Exploring Various Forms Of Media
  • Students Exploring Various Forms Of Media
  • Students Exploring Various Forms Of Media

Students Exploring Various Forms Of Media

The Year 7's and 8's for the past 2 weeks have been focusing on the topic media and have been exploring various forms of media. The Year 8 A's in particular were focusing on advertising and explored various forms of Advertising. They created Print, Radio, Television advertisements and lastly created a template for their own website for the product they chose for the advertisement. It was definitely a fun activity for them as they not only enjoyed thinking about the product but this was an opportunity for them to showcase heir creativity, editing skills, animation skills etc. Through these activities, students enhanced their speaking skills and also grew in their confidence. I was amazed in particular to see their creative skills as some of them had no clue how to edit or make animations,. The students went online saw some video tutorials, seeked help from friends and did an amazing job in producing the end product. It was definitely a new learning experience for them and they all enjoyed a lot. The focus was not on correcting their grammar but the main focus was to check on their speaking ability and tap on their creative skills.

The Year 7's on the other hand explored different forms of news. They tried writing a news for a newspaper and even recorded a television news. it was really amazing to see how some of the students worked as a pair over the virtual space and did such great editing making it look like as if they both were at the same place recording. The Year 7's too were doing this activity for the first time and their confidence level really grew through these activities. The students hope to do similar activities like this in the future and as teachers we will definitely support them to hone their skills.

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