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Teaching And Learning English In A Holistic way

English taught in lower secondary is not just on how to read, speak and write correctly but we try to explore various avenues in order to make our students holistic as well as independent learners. Throughout this academic year the students were exposed to various forms of texts, articles and activities in order to help them have an in-depth insight on various genres as well as the setting of the text etc.

The Year 8 A's were looking at Oliver Twist as part of their Literature text and they were also exploring Victorian society in detail to understand the context in which the novel was written by Charles Dickens. After the novel, the students were to read a modern drama and explore elements within. While they were on it, we decided to push the students' creativity to the next level where the students had to write their own scripts based on modern day concepts. The drama scripts were completely student led and it was the students who came up with the set designs, light setup, costumes etc. with minimal guidance from the teacher.

The students were practising very hard to ensure that their performance was a success and indeed it was. The entire class put up their best performance and it was well received with huge rounds of applause. Kudos to the entire class for putting up a wonderful teamwork and being brave to deliver their dialogues and performing in front of the audience.