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Managing Test Anxiety: How To Cope And Perform Better

Do you feel those “butterflies” on your stomach, feverish, or even a headache on exam day?

Feeling nervous for exams is a normal feeling among students. However, extreme feelings of anxiety and stress before and during an exam can have unhealthy results.

Many students experience varying levels of test anxiety for a number of difference reasons.
Focusing on the bad things that could happen also starts up test anxiety. For example, someone worrying about doing poorly might have thoughts like, "What if I forget everything I know?" or "What if the test is too hard?" Too many thoughts like these leave no mental space for thinking about the test questions.

Here are some ways to manage test anxiety in the days leading up to and during your test.

Prepare Well

Procrastinating only increases one’s anxiety. It is a no-no to study an hour before the exam.
Ensuring that you are well-prepared for a test can put your mind at ease
Give yourself practice tests and use them not only to work on your test-taking but also to practice controlling your anxiety level.
If you feel confident that you have prepped thoroughly, you will feel more confident walking into the test.

Visualise Success!

While studying, imagine yourself feeling confident and clear headed in the exam.Visualizing yourself doing well on the test can help you make it happen in real life.

Healthy Mind and Body

Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and good nutrition are all important components of a lifestyle that will keep stress at a minimum.

Arrive Early

Arrive at least 20 minutes early. If waiting for the test to begin makes you nervous, bring along a favourite book or other diversion to keep your mind occupied.

Focus During The Test

Read the directions thoroughly and read all answers before making a choice or starting the essay. Slowing down can help you stay focused. Remember to take your time but check your watch to pace yourself.

Reward Yourself

At the end of the journey, give yourself a simple treat.
Take some time to relax and clear your mind. Do not dwell on mistakes you may have made or worry about how you did. Whenever possible, give yourself a break before starting to study for another test.
Managing test anxiety starts one day at a time. Consider today how you can gain back control of your future and perform well on an upcoming test.

We wish all students who will be taking their IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme Examinations in May 2021 the best of luck.