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Year 4 Learned About Roman Numerals

During the first week of returning to school, Year 4 pupils have been learning about Roman Numerals. It is a system used by the Ancient Romans to represent numbers.Nowadays, the most common system used for the symbolic representation of numbers is called Hindu-Arabic. This system uses digits and it is the one we are using at school. Do you know how many digits our system has?

If your answer was 9 digits, you got it right! We were surprised to find that Romans did not use digits to show numbers. Instead, they used letters!Interestingly, they used combinations of only 3 letters to represent all the numbers between 1 and 10. We were even more impressed to discover that theRomans used only 7 letters to show all the numbers all the way to 4000!

As soon as we mastered the basic knowledge of Roman Numerals, we began comparing and converting between Roman numerals and the Hindu-Arabic system that we use currently. As our confidence grew, we started using Roman Numerals to catch upon topics covered in our online lessons, such as place value and addition and subtraction.

Finally,we moved to solving word problems and answering questions requiring us to use our reasoning skills. “My favourite part was playing the Roman Numerals game.Everyone got their own dice because of the SOP and it was so fun!” said Alan.We had to take turns rolling dice onto the board, numbered with Roman Numerals,and record where the dice landed. The first person to reach a total of 500 was getting a point and the winner of the game was the person who got 5 points first.

It was exciting to play with our friends, even though we had to remember to keep the 1-meter distance. Our final task was to decode a secret message written in Roman Numerals. “It was so much fun, but a little tricky too.” said Ibuki.--