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  • Y2B Completed English Unit On Twisted Fairytales

Y2B Completed English Unit On Twisted Fairytales

As we excitedly reached the final few days of online learning, Y2B were completing their English unit on Twisted Fairytales.

Firstly, this topic allowed us to read an assortment of reimagined fairytales, with some kind of 'twist' in their retelling. The class particularly enjoyed The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and 'Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks'. Both told from the often forgotten viewpoint of the 'bad guys', or the wolf and the giant.

The boys and girls enjoyed broadening a range of their English skills, as we retold stories through cartoon strips and speech bubbles, puppets and spoken dialogue; and also by expanding our descriptive language, in our own written versions of a twisted tale. The children demonstrated breathtaking creativity in their own stories, with titles like 'Little Mean Hood' and 'The Evil Snow White'.

The class have thoroughly enjoyed this unit and everyone continued to apply enthusiasm and their best efforts while working from home. I wonder what amazing things they will achieve now that they're back in school!