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  • Year 1B Back In The Classroom

Year 1B Back In The Classroom

In Year 1B, we are beyond excited to be back in the classroom! Undoubtedly, we have all (children and adults alike) learned a great deal through the distance learning programme - understanding how to navigate and use the Google Suite, how to turn our kitchen tables into desks, how to concentrate and learn with all the distractions going on at home - but we have missed our friends and the fun we have when we are together.

As creative as we have tried to be, we know that the best teaching and learning occurs when we can work together - in a safe, socially-distanced way, of course. We do our best exploring and investigating when we are hands-on, and have the opportunity to talk through our ideas with our peers and friends.

Let’s hope we remain in school for as long as we can, learning, playing and growing together. Welcome back!!