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Junior School

1. Rosie Hydar  

Rosemary Hydar
Head of Junior School

Country of Origin: 
Academic Qualifications: 

An educator for over twenty years, Rosie is delighted to be working with an outstanding set of teachers at Repton, Malaysia.

Having worked in the City of London and then industry, before becoming a teacher, she remains excited about the importance of education in helping our children, from the youngest age, to explore their potential and discover their passions. Clearly education is hers as she has two masters degrees, as well as graduating from the Principals Training Center.

She has four sons, two of whom are in the school. Her family divides its time between Uzbekistan, where her husband is from, and the UK.

2. Ballbera Sanghera  

Ballber Sanghera
Year 6 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: 
Academic Qualifications: 

I graduated with a degree in Maths and Economics from Lancaster University in the UK. The first part of my career was spent working in primary schools in the UK teaching Year 2, Year 4, and Year 6. I have worked internationally for 17 years in Oman, the UAE and Bahrain as a primary school and secondary school maths teacher. I have also had responsibility for primary school maths in several schools. I encourage the students in my classes to recognise and celebrate their successes regularly and the expectation is that they strive to achieve success. My philosophy has always been to facilitate and enable each student to reach their potential and I believe this works best via a partnership between student, teacher, and parents. Out of school I love to relax with a book – science fiction and fantasy being my favourite genres. I enjoy playing golf and I am looking forward to playing on some courses there!

16. Sarah Hardy  

Sarah Hardy
Year 6 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: 
Academic Qualifications: 

I spent many years in Liverpool, UK where I completed my BSc in Zoology and then further conpleted my PGCE teacher training.

I then went on to work in an International School in the Seychelles where I spent three years teaching in Year 2 and Year 6.
I am also a Secondary Science trained teacher and have a passion and interest for anything Science related!

]My hobbies include animal conservation and Scuba Diving. Previous to teaching, I was a Scuba Diving Instructor - and so my second home is in the sea with the fish!

4. Clare Germain  

Clare Germain
Key Stage 2 Leader, Year 5 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications: BA (hons) French and German, PGCE/Maitrise FLE

Clare holds a BA(hons) degree in languages from the United Kingdom and has been teaching internationally since 2004, in Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, and Tanzania. Every class she has taught has been unique, with its own set of personalities, needs, interests, and talents. Finding out about these differences and using them to create the most positive experience for the children in her care is where her joy of teaching stems from. She employs a variety of teaching methods to keep students active and engaged, encouraging them to ask pertinent questions to further their own learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

12. Michelle Hadley  

Michelle Hadley
Deputy Curriculum Coordinator, Year 4 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: Scotland
Academic Qualifications: BEd in Primary Education

She taught for three years in Scotland and recently finished two years as a Key Stage Leader in Bahrain, where she worked under the National Curriculum. Michelle has enjoyed teaching pupils of various ages, stages, and curricular areas and is looking forward to embarking on a new experience in Malaysia.

Michelle aims to provide a child-centered curriculum that emphasises the development of a positive mindset. She also tries to work holistically throughout the curriculum to assist the child's overall welfare and development.

Michelle enjoys board games, cross stitch, and netball outside of the classroom, as well as spending time with friends and family.

8. James Armstrong  

James Armstrong
Year 4 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications: 

James is from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK and has 15 years of teaching experience. After five years working at an outstanding primary school in the UK, he taught at a large language school in Melbourne, Australia where he gained extensive experience of teaching students with EAL. James later worked at a prestigious British international boarding school in Malaysia, where he was Acting Head of the Prep School. James empowers the children to become creative, independent and reflective learners. He sets high expectations for all children in terms of their academic and personal development.
Outside of the classroom, James’ main passion is sport and he is a keen cricket and tennis player. He will be moving to Johor Bahru with his wife and daughter.

10. Lucy Blakeley  

Lucy Blakeley
Year 3 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: 
Academic Qualifications: 

Lucy has been teaching in the United Kingdom for the last 7 years and is finally fulfilling a life long ambition to teach abroad. Lucy is an enthusiastic, organised teacher who enjoys challenging and getting the most from her class. She has taught across all age groups (EYFS, KS1 and KS2) and so has a good understanding of where children have started from and where they are going to. Behaviour management and building relationships with the children are her key strengths. As someone who has taught classes of 30 children, Lucy understands how important it is to have good relationships with the children and to make them feel listened to and valued.

Out-side of school Lucy's interests lay in horse riding, food and photography. She has been fortunate to ride her whole life and in the last year challenged herself to learn how to ride and jump side saddle. Lucy has set her next challenge to do archery on horse back. Lucy is also looking forward to eating new and exciting dishes. She loves taking photographs of nature, which is often spontaneous and will happen when something beautiful or unique catches her eye.

6. Gina Starkey  

Gina Starkey
Key Stage 1 Leader, Year 2 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: England, UK
Academic Qualifications: BA (Hons) Geography QTS

Gina has worked as a Primary School Teacher in a number of international schools in countries such as Portugal, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, and, most recently, Jakarta, Indonesia. She has also taught in the English city of Salford.

She has experience working with various curricula, including the English National Curriculum, Writing Workshop, and the International Primary Curriculum. She has been the IPC's Learning Leader for many years.

She enjoys working in an international setting where she can interact with pupils and families from various backgrounds and cultures; she finds this learning environment dynamic and exciting.

Gina enjoys traveling abroad and discovering new places. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys being outside and in nature; a recent highlight was swimming with turtles.

15. Ruth Veal  

Ruth Margaret Abigail Veal
Year 2 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: 
Academic Qualifications: 

Ruth has been a primary school teacher for over 15 years and has worked with all the different year groups in primary schools in the UK. She is also a special educational needs coordinator and has experience supporting children with a range of additional needs.

She has worked in Indonesia teaching English as a volunteer and has also taught English in Spain Nicaragua and Hong Kong. She has also worked in Central America and loves to learn the local language so she can get to know the local people and culture.

Outside teaching, Ruth loves swimming, reading and playing tennis.

2.Elaine Blando  

Elaine Blando
Year 1 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: Philippines
Academic Qualifications: Master of Arts in Education major in Early Childhood Education, Licensed Professional Teacher, Diploma Level Education and Care qualified by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority

Ms Elaine Blando comes from the Philippines and holds a MA in Education with an Early Childhood Major with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Prior to teaching in Malaysia she worked in several private schools in the Philippines and was later appointed in a British School as Learning Support and SEN Co-ordinator. For the past three years, she has been working with us as an Early Years and Key Stage 1 teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys music, movies, sports and travelling to tropical destinations.

11. Mandy Bowers  

Mandy Bowers
Year 1 Class Teacher

Country of Origin: New Zealand
Academic Qualifications: 

Mandy comes to Repton from Auckland, New Zealand, where she graduated in the top 1% of Bachelor of Education graduates from the University of Auckland.

She has taught a range of primary levels and has a particular passion for EYFS and younger primary students. Mandy has continued further studies focused on literacy acquisition in the early primary years. Her strengths lie in her strong relationships with every student in her class and the partnership she creates with their families.

Mandy moves to Malaysia with her family, including her son who will be starting at Repton. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys travelling, cooking and reading.

17. Sim Hui Lin  

Sim Hui Lin
Teacher of Music

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Kodaly Certificate
Piano ABRSM Grade 8
Viola ABRSM Grade 8
Music Theory ABRSM Grade 8

Hui Lin is a Malaysian who has earned her Kodaly Certificate, ABRSM Grade 8 Piano, ABRSM Grade 8 Viola, and ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory. She has six years of teaching experience in a variety of grade levels. She is very passionate about encouraging children to learn and understand the elements of music. Before joining Repton International School, she worked for a private organisation and a local government school. She has created a music programme for upper primary students, as well as experiments with creative music-making activities involving body percussion, voice, recycled items, and other instruments. She enjoys music and actively participates in chamber music, where she plays the viola.

She enjoys travelling, learning about new cultures, and diving in her spare time.

13. Mohd Hisham Sulaiman  

Mohd Hisham Bin Sulaiman
Teacher of Malay

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Masters in Malay Linguistic, Bachelor in Malay Linguistic

Hisham is a Malaysian with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Malay Linguistics. He has 7 years of experience teaching Malay in Malaysian and International schools across Malaysia, giving him a diverse range of teaching experiences that include a variety of international curricula.

He strives to incorporate positive elements into his classroom and is an engaging educator with experience teaching small and large groups of pupils of various ages. Hisham has been with us at Repton International School since 2019 as a senior Malay teacher for the Junior School.

Hisham enjoys cooking, singing, and travelling in his spare time.

18. Sung Han Liang  

Liang Sung-Han
Teacher of Mandarin

Country of Origin: Taiwan, R.O.C.
Academic Qualifications: Master of Developmental and Educational Psychology

SungHan is from Taiwan, R.O.C. and holds a Master of Developmental and Educational Psychology. She has taught pupils of all ages, from reception to college for the past thirteen years. Her wide range of teaching experiences includes a variety of international curriculum settings in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar and Malaysia. As an educator, she believes her role is to set up and maintain an environment conducive to language learning and freedom to explore. She strives to make use of various teaching approaches to cultivate her pupils to be resilient lifelong learners.

Apart from teaching, Sung-Han is a music and movie lover, a reader, a traveler and a cultural explorer.


Pia Villanueva
Teacher of P.E

Country of Origin: Philippines
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Sports Science, Certificate in Sports Studies, IB Category 1, Licensed Professional Teacher in the Philippines

Pia has started working with Repton during the last quarter of the year 2020. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science. She has been working for eight years as a PE Teacher in various private schools in the Philippines. She spent her last three years teaching in an IB school in the Philippines as a Physical and Health Education Teacher for both Primary and Secondary School which allowed her to work with people of different cultures, personalities, and perspectives. She also completed the certification in Category 1 of Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, a certification from Shuttle Time Philippines, and Floorball Coaching Level 1 by the Philippine Floorball Association.

She noticed that her passion for teaching pays off whenever the students approach her about how she has changed their lives with her patience and compassion. Her goal is to teach the importance of participation in games and sports which contributes to achieving overall wellness.

Her free time is dedicated to exercising, cooking, and exploring new places and cultures.

20. Selamat Bin Sairi  

Selamat Bin Sairi
Teacher of P.E

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Diploma in Sports Studies

Selamat joined Repton in 2020, after five years of teaching the Diploma in Sports Studies at UiTM and other private colleges and schools in Malaysia. He also has teaching experience in Malay Language, Moral Education, and History.

Selamat's hobbies include water rafting, hiking, camping, and jungle trekking, as well as the major sports of badminton and softball.

9. Kaitheri A P Balasundram  

Kaitheri Balasundram
Assistant Teacher

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Int Diploma In Montessori Pedagogy

Kaitheri started her teaching career in 2009 at Tree Top House Montessori School in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. She began working as a Teaching Assistant at Nexus International School in Putrajaya in 2012 and stayed for five years.

In 2016, she moved to Johor with her husband and worked in Sri Omega for 6 months before accepting a position as a Teaching Assistant for Nursery at Excelsior International School.

This is her first year as an Assistant Teacher at Repton, and she is looking forward to her new adventure with Repton Malaysia.

Her hobbies include reading novels, cooking and gardening, painting, and taking long drives with her family.

22. Nurul Huda Binti Abu Bakar  

Nurul Huda Binti Abdul Jalel
Teaching Assistant

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: 


23. Phriyashini Pamnaswaran  

Phriyashini Pamnaswaran
Teaching Assistant

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Diploma in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Social Work from University of Science

Phriya is a Malaysian citizen, holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering and also a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Science, Malaysia.

She has experience working as a social worker (practicum student), teaching children aged seven to twelve, and working with adults with special needs in Asia Community Service, Stepping Stone Support Centre for Community Living, Penang.

Her aim is to educate young minds and provide equal access to education, resources, and opportunities regardless of gender, race, and religion.

5. Thenmoli A P Balakrishannan  

Thenmoli A/P Balakrishannan
Teaching Assistant

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)(Hons)

In 2016, Thenmoli graduated from Unitar International University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked as a preschool teacher at a local kindergarten in Malaysia for two years and has been a Teaching Assistant at Repton International School (previously known as EIS) for four years. She believes that each student has a distinct personality and learning style that educators must respect in order for them to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. She also believes that given the right tools and environment, all children can learn.

She enjoys participating in free arts and spending time with her family.

24. Yogeswary Kannan  

Yogeswary Kannan
Teaching Assistant

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: 

Ms Yoges has obtained Bachelors (Hons) in Teaching English as Second Language. She has approximately 5 years of teaching International students dealing with secondary level students. She has taught Cambridge & National school syallabus. She is currently pursuing Masters Degree in Tesl.

In her spare time, she explores various hiking spots,spending quality times with her family members and enjoys travelling with hubs.

comingsoon f  

Uthaya Chandrika Rajandren
Teaching Assistant

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Academic Qualifications: 


Ms.Uthaya Chandrika originated from Johor, Malaysia. She completed her Diploma of Early Childhood Development at the Smart Reader College, Kuala Lumpur. Following on from this she completed her BA Hons Early Years & Education at the same college with the collaboration of University of Hertfordshire , United Kingdom.

She has been worked in several private and international schools and has 8 years experience in teaching. Watching children learn and grow is a very rewarding experience and this is a key motivation for Ms.Uthaya, and the fundamental reason why she enjoys teaching.

For leisure, Ms.Uthaya enjoys dancing, traveling and spending time with family & friends.